About Us

Aims & Objectives

To uphold the dignity and integrity of the Bar and to develop a healthy Bench and Bar relationship so as to bring equity and justice to the litigants and society at large.

To promote a healthy work relationship and to balance unity and harmony amongst the members of the Bar.

To provide basic infrastructure and facilities for the members of the Telangana High Court   Advocates’ Bar Association.

To bring in work transparency and accountability in the functioning of the activities of the Bar.

To carry out welfare oriented activities for the members of the Bar.

To encourage wider and direct participation of the members of the Bar in the functioning of the Bar.

To check and prevent abuse of law and justice and to take remedial steps thereof.

To bring in more work opportunities for the members of the Bar.

To effectively represent the Bar and to uphold the interest of the Bar at all levels of administrative, legislative and other authorities.

To develop a friendly work atmosphere and encourage suggestions from members so as to make the Bar an ever progressive and unique identity.

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